What is MVC pattern


How can you implement MVC pattern in ASP.NET?

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The main purpose using MVC pattern is to decouple the GUI from the Data. It also gives the ability to provide multiple views for the same Data. MVC pattern separates objects in to three important sections:-

ã Model: - This section is specially for maintaining data. It is actually where your business logic, querying database, database connection etc. is actually implemented.
ã Views: - Displaying all or some portion of data, or probably different view of data. View is responsible for look and feel, Sorting, formatting etc.
ã Controller: - They are event handling section which affects either the model or the view. Controller responds to the mouse or keyboard input to command model and view to change. Controllers are associated with views. User interaction triggers the events to change the model, which in turn calls some methods of model to update its state to notify other registered views to refresh their display.

Ok now this was all in theory. Let us look at how in actually ASP.NET we can implement MVC pattern. During interview with theory question they will be looking at have you really implemented MVC or its just talks. Following are the various sections of ASP.NET which maps to MVC sections:-

ã Model: - This section is represented by Data view, Dataset, Typed Dataset, Business components, business entity models etc. Now this section can then be tied up to either windows application or web UI.
ã View: - ASPX, ASCX, or windows application UI like data grid etc. form the view part of it.
ã Controller: - In ASP.NET the behind code is the controller as the events are handled by that part. Controller communicates both with Model as well as view.

I hope I was able to map you imagination of ASP.NET with the diagram given below.

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