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Selenium WebDriver Interview Question
Selenium WebDriver Interview question Selenium Automates Browser.Its open source tool and integrated with many open source framework such as Junit,testng,sikuli and AutoLt.
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💬 2020-11-18 madhuri: thanks

💬 2020-01-21 FYIcenter.com: @Madhuri, here are some Selenium Tutorials that will help your interview.

💬 2020-01-15 Madhuri: please provide interview questions on selenium

Software testing vs. debugging
The difference between testing and debugging is...
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💬 2020-10-17 FYIcenter: Good question! Software testing is a task for a software QA engineer, who runs a large set of use cases on the software to ensur...

What is Rational Suite?
I found your website in a Google search, after having visited another link in that search, IBM, which had an entire website devoted to Rational Suite. Essentially, all I wanted to know was who the vendor/developer of this software was and what the software did and hopefully get some detailed descrip...
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Contents of test plan
What is the test plan? What are its contents? Test plan document is prepared by the test lead or team lead, it contains the contents like introduction, objectives, test strategy, scope, test items, program modules, user procedures, features to be tested, features not to tested, approach, pass or fai...
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💬 2016-10-22 Jazz: Test plan document is prepared by the test lead or team lead, ... [Answer accepted].

What is the test coverage?
From the following code, atleast how many test cases are needed to guarantee 100%coverage Input Number_of_Coins Total=0 While Number_of_Coins>0 Input Value_of_Coin Total=Total + Value_of_Coin Number_Of_Coins=Number_of_Coin s- 1 End Loop Print "Your coins are worth" & Total What is the correct op...
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what is Application testing
Why is it important to test applications before the product reaches the end user? The software can hold deviations, which can lead to a loss in trust from supplier From contract and leagal point of view, it is important that the product has been tested properly To assure that manuals are correct
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How Can I create test data for web based application? On-Line Testing Tools for Developers and Testers On-line Testing Tools by FYIcenter.com FYIcenter.com has prepared some simple but very interesting on-line testing tools that are useful for your programming and testing tasks: Validators... * Doma...
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The definition for test schedule
The definition for test schedule... Test schedule, should identify a test schedule that clearly defines when all testing is expected to occur—This schedule may be included in the project schedule
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Software Test Automation Evaluation Report
Trying to find an Example of a Test Automation Evaluation Report online. It is a report that defines the feasibility of using an automated testing tool to test software. Should be about 2-4 pages basically saying whether testing would be worth the Time/Money. Is there a good example somewhere?
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What is CRUD testing and how does a tester test this?
What is CRUD testing and how does a tester test this? CRUD testing is actually Black Box testing. CRUD stands for (Create, Read, Update, Delete). I.e., whether you can Create or Add data, Whether you can Read or Access The Data after it is saved once, or whether you can Deteted the data along with i...
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Design Methods
Kindly help me find discussion Regarding the following. 1. Data Design 2. Arch'l. Design Process 3. Transform Mapping 4. Transaction Mapping 5. Design Post Processing 6. Arch'l. Design Optimization 7. Interface Design 8. Human-computer Interface Design 9. Procedural design
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How do you open an SSH connection to a remote box?
How do you open an SSH connection to a remote box? ????
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SQA - How to prove that the server in a network ....
How to prove that the server in a network can handle 1,000,000 HTTP requests in a span of a month, how to design a test? Thanks, Sasha
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How will you freeze the requirement in this case?
How will you freeze the requirement in this case? What will be your requirement satisfaction criteria? To get the answer, ask this question to stakeholders: How much response time is ok for you? If they say, we will accept the response if it’s within 2 seconds, then this is your requirement measure....
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Performance Testing
What are major factors to consider when doing performance testing What is Performance Testing? Testing conducted to evaluate the compliance of a system or component with specified performance requirements. Often this is performed using an automated test tool to simulate large number of users. Also k...
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How to measure functional software requirement specification (SRS) documents?
How to measure functional software requirement specification (SRS) documents? Well, we need to define some standard tests to measure the requirements. Once each requirement is passed through these tests you can evaluate and freeze the functional requirements. Let’s take an example. You are working o...
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How to test software requirements specification (SRS)?
How to test software requirements specification (SRS)? Do you know “Most of the bugs in software are due to incomplete or inaccurate functional requirements?” The software code, doesn’t matter how well it’s written, can’t do anything if there are ambiguities in requirements. It’s better to catch t...
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Give me the example of SRS and FRS
Give me the example of SRS and FRS SRS :- Software Requirement Specification BRS :- Basic Requirement Specification FRS :- Functional requirment specification FRS mainly says the particular functionality. FRS mainly used for change request, enchancements, additional functionalites. BRD contain Basic...
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Types of parameters available in QTP
How many types of Parameters are available in QuickTest Professional (QTP)? QTP provides three types of Parameter- * Method Argument * Data Driven * Dynamic (The above answer is from your web page) But I got that there are 4 types of parameters used in QTP. There are 4 types of parameters available ...
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Latest Versions of Qualitycenter, QTP, LoadRunner
what are that latest versions of Qualitycenter, QTP, Winrunner and LoadRunner
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What is ISO?
What is ISO? ISO 9000 is a family of standards for quality management systems. ISO 9000 is maintained by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization and is administered by accreditation and certification bodies. Some of the requirements in ISO 9001 (which is one of the standards in the I...
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What is CMM and different levels? explain?
What is CMM and different levels? explain? The Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is a process capability maturity model which aids in the definition and understanding of an organization's processes. The CMM was originally described in the book Managing the Software Process (Addison Wesley Professional...
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What is test metrics?
What is test metrics? Test metrics accomplish in analyzing the current level of maturity in testing and give a projection on how to go about testing activities by allowing us to set goals and predict future trends. test metrics should cover basically 3 things: 1. test coverage 2. time for one test c...
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What is Traceability Matrix?
What is Traceability Matrix? Traceability Matrix is one of the document will prepare by QA.To make sure all the requirements mentioned in the requirements document are covered in your testing, we will prepare the traceability matrix.this document contains the following columns.Req#, Brief descriptio...
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