How can we implement singleton pattern in .NET


How can we implement singleton pattern in .NET?

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Singleton pattern mainly focuses on having one and only one instance of the object running. Example a windows directory service which has multiple entries but you can only have single instance of it through out the network.

Note:- May of developers would jump to a conclusion saying using the “STATIC” keyword we can have a single instance of object. But that’s not the real case there is something more that has to be done. But please note we can not define a class as STATIC, so this will not serve our actual purpose of implementing singleton pattern.

Following are the three steps needed to implement singleton pattern in .NET:-
ã First create your class with static members.
Public class ClsStaticClass
Private shared objCustomer as clsCustomer
End class

This ensures that there is actually only one Customer object throughout the project.
ã Second define a private constructor to your class.
Note: - defining a private constructor to class does not allow a client to create objects directly.
ã Finally provide a static method to get access to your singleton object.

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