Can you give a practical implementation of FAÇADE patterns


Can you give a practical implementation of FAÇADE patterns?

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Façade pattern sits on the top of lot of subsystems and makes access easy to interfaces of these subsystems. Basic purpose of Façade is to make interfacing between many modules and classes manageable.

Above is a simple live application of a Facade class. In this we have four subsystems :-
ã Customer
ã Product
ã Payment
ã Invoicing

All the four modules when built at initial stage where built completely independent. The main interaction between all these subsystems is customer placing order. This functionality can be attained by using all these subsystems, which involves complex interaction between them.
That is where FAÇADE comes in to action. We have built a FAÇADE called as “FACADEORDER” which sits on the top of all these subsystem and fulfill our functionality.

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