What Is Inline Element


What Is Inline Element? - CSS Tutorials - HTML Formatting Model: Block, Inline and Floating Elements

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An inline element is formatted as a rectangular block joining other inline elements horizontally to form a line of inline elements. If the width of the parent content box is reached, it will be wrapped to start a new line. One or more lines of in-line elements become a block element. Examples of inline elements are:

  • <IMG> - A tag to insert an image into the current line.
  • <STRONG> - A tag to make the text stronger.
  • <EM> - A tag to emphasize the text
  • <INPUT> - A tag to allow user entering input data to a form.
  • <SPAN> - A container to group inline elements into a unit.
  • <A> - A tag to create a hyper link.
  • <BR> - A tag to break the current line.

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