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Explain simple Walk through of XmlReader
Explain simple Walk through of XmlReader ? In this section we will do a simple walkthrough of how to use the “XmlReader” class. Sample for the same is available in both languages (C# and VB.NET) which you can find in “WindowsApplicationXMLVBNET” and “WindowsApplicationCSharp” folders. Task is to l...
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How To Check the Oracle TNS Settings
How To Check the Oracle TNS Settings? - Oracle DBA FAQ - ODBC Drivers, DSN Configuration and ASP Connection If you have installed an Oracle server or an Oracle client tool on your local system, the TNS is automatically installed with a simple configuration file, tnsnames.ora, to define Oracle connec...
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What is COM ?
.NET INTERVIEW QUESTIONS - What is COM ? Microsoft’s COM is a technology for component software development. It is a binary standard which is language independent. DCOM is a distributed extension of COM.
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What exactly happens when ASPX page is requested from Browser
What exactly happens when ASPX page is requested from Browser? Note: - Here the interviewer is expecting complete flow of how an ASPX page is processed with respect to IIS and ASP.NET engine. Following are the steps which occur when we request a ASPX page :- 1. The browser sends the request to the w...
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What are the metrics followed in project management
What metrics will you look at in order to see the project is moving successfully? Most metric sets deal with a variation of these attributes and are chosen to help project managers gain insight into their product (size, software quality, rework), process (rework, software quality) and project (effor...
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Who Developed HTML
Who Developed HTML? HTML was originally developed by Tim Berners-Lee while at CERN, and popularized by the Mosaic browser developed at NCSA. During the course of the 1990s it has blossomed with the explosive growth of the Web. Tim now holds the 3Com Founders chair at the Laboratory for Computer Scie...
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How was XML handled during COM times
How was XML handled during COM times? During COM it was done by using MSXML 4.0. So old languages like VB6, VC++ used MSXML 4.0 which was shipped with SP1( Service Pack 1).
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What is AL.EXE and RESGEN.EXE? In the previous question you have seen how we can use resource files to store data according to the localized languages. But when you actually go for deployment you will not like to also install the “resx” or “txt” files. It’s definitely not a good deployment practic...
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What is effort variance
What is effort variance? Effort Variance = (Actual effort – Estimated Effort) / Estimated Effort.
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What Is Thread
What is thread? A thread is an independent path of execution in a system.
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How To Run Stored Procedures in Debug Mode
How To Run Stored Procedures in Debug Mode? - Oracle DBA FAQ - Introduction to Oracle SQL Developer If have an existing stored procedure and you want to debug it interactively, you can use the debug feature provided in SQL Developer. The following exercise shows you how to start the debug mode: Open...
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How To Select an Oracle System ID (SID)
How To Select an Oracle System ID (SID)? - Oracle DBA FAQ - Creating New Database Instance Manually This is Step 1. If you are planning to create a new database, you need to select an Oracle System ID (SID). This ID will be used to identify the new Oracle database and its Oracle instance. SID must b...
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What is a XML parser
What are the standard ways of parsing XML document? XML parser sits in between the XML document and the application who want to use the XML document. Parser exposes set of well defined interfaces which can be used by the application for adding, modifying and deleting the XML document contents. Now w...
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How To Set Background to Transparent or Non-transparent
How To Set Background to Transparent or Non-transparent? - CSS Tutorials - HTML Formatting Model: Block, Inline and Floating Elements If you want to set the background of a block element to be transparent or non-transparent, you can use the background-color style property as shown below: {background...
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How To Calculate Expressions with SQL Statements
How To Calculate Expressions with SQL Statements? - MySQL FAQs - Introduction to SQL Basics There is no special SQL statements to calculate expressions. But you can use the "SELECT expression FROM DUAL" statement return the calculated value of an expression. "DUAL" is a dummy table in the server. Th...
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How many phases are there in software project
Can you explain project life cycle ? Figure :- 12.2 Life cycle of a project There are five stages of any project initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closeout. These are general phases and change according to domain. During Software project management interview expected answer is requir...
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What is Traceability Matrix?
What is Traceability Matrix? Traceability Matrix is one of the document will prepare by QA.To make sure all the requirements mentioned in the requirements document are covered in your testing, we will prepare the traceability matrix.this document contains the following columns.Req#, Brief descriptio...
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Entering Comments in JSP Pages
What are the two kinds of comments in JSP and what's the difference between them? &lt;%-- JSP Comment --%&gt; &lt;!-- HTML Comment --&gt; HTML comments are visible on the client side. But JSP comments are not visible on the client side.
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How To Compare Two Strings with strcmp()
How To Compare Two Strings with strcmp()? - PHP Script Tips - PHP Built-in Functions for Strings PHP supports 3 string comparison operators, &lt;, ==, and &gt;, that generates Boolean values. But if you want to get an integer result by comparing two strings, you can the strcmp() function, wh...
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Session Tracking without Cookies
How can I enable session tracking for JSP pages if the browser has disabled cookies? We know that session tracking uses cookies by default to associate a session identifier with a unique user. If the browser does not support cookies, or if cookies are disabled, you can still enable session tracking ...
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String Pointers
What will be printed as the result of the operation below: main() { char *ptr = " Cisco Systems"; *ptr++; printf("%s\n",ptr); ptr++; printf("%s\n",ptr); } 1) ptr++ increments the ptr address to point to the next address. In the prev example, ptr was pointing to the space in the string before C, now ...
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Show HTML Source Code without Being Interpreted by Browsers
How can I show HTML examples without them being interpreted as part of my document? Within the HTML example, first replace the "&amp;" character with "&amp;amp;" everywhere it occurs. Then replace the "&amp;lt;" character with "&lt;" and the "&amp;gt;" character with "&gt;" i...
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Reducing the Final Size of an Executable File
How to reduce the final size of an executable file? Size of the final execuatable can be reduced using dynamic linking for libraries.
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How To Use "IF" Statements on Multiple Conditions
How To Use "IF" Statements on Multiple Conditions? - Oracle DBA FAQ - Understanding PL/SQL Language Basics If you have multiple blocks of codes to be executed based on different conditions, you can use the "IF ... ELSIF" statement. Here is a sample script on IF statements: DECLARE day VARCHAR2; BEGI...
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