How did you implement UML in your project PART II


How did you implement UML in your project ? PART II

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Implementation phase / Coding phase (Class diagrams for reverse engineering, Other diagrams for validity check)
In this phase mostly class diagrams are re-engineered with the source code. But other diagrams are also present for validity check example state chart diagrams will be used in case to check that the both activity between those states follow the proper logic. If some things have to be changed then again there is iteration backward to the Requirement phase.
Testing phase
This phase mostly goes for the testing department. I am not talking about preparing UTP plans but SITP plans. Where the testing department will look at all diagrams to prepare a test plan and execute it. Example it will see the Use Case document to see the business rules, it will see the activity diagram and sequence diagrams to see the proper flow of modules. If some things are not proper there is iteration back to the Design phase.
Roll out and close over phases.
All document just to re-check that things are proper, example all modules deployed according to the deployment diagrams, are all business rules in Use Cases satisfied. Let us revise the following points:
Not all diagrams are compulsory.
The minimum diagrams according to software life cycle phases are :
Requirement phase: - Use Case Diagrams
Design Phase: - Component diagrams, Class diagrams
Implementation phase: - All diagrams derived from pervious phases specially class diagram for reverse engineering.
Testing phase: - All diagrams derived from requirement and design phases for verification and preparing test plans.
Roll out and close over phase: - All document derived from Design phase and requirement phases.
Below is a sample figure which shows all the documents in relevant phases.

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