How To Fade Image Edges to Background Colors


How To Fade Image Edges to Background Colors? - PSP Tutorials - Fading Images to Background Colors with PSP



If you have an image on your Web page, you may want to fade the image to the background color on the edges. You can follow the tutorial below to fad the bottom edge to the background color:

  • Follow the steps in the previous tutorial to add 100 pixel margins to your image.
  • Open the expanded image: port_with_margins.jpg. It has 780x640 pixels.
  • Add a new raster layer.
  • Go to menu: View > Toolbars. You will get the Toolbars dialog box.
  • Select the Tool Options Window and close the dialog box.
  • Select the Selection tool on the Tool Palette. You will see the Tool Option dialog box showing you the options for the Selection tool.
  • Set Selection Type: Rectangle; Feather: 75; Antialias: checked.
  • Press and hold left mouse button to select the bottom edge, 780x200 pixels, of the image.
  • Use Flood Fill tool with color of RGB=(240,224,192) to fill the selected area.
  • Select the Selection tool again, and press right mouse button to release the selected area.
  • Merge all layers, and save the image as port_with_faded_edges.jpg. It will look like this:

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