How To Blend a Color Layer to a Image


How To Blend a Color Layer to a Image? - PSP Tutorials - Fading Images to Background Colors with PSP



Let's say you has an image and you want to use it as the background for your Web page. But the image is too bright to be used as a background. You can follow the steps below to blend a color layer to your image to make it soft:

  • Go to menu: File > Open. You will get the Open dialog box.
  • Locate the image created in the previous tutorial: fyi_banner.jpg.
  • Click OK. Your image will show up. It will be labeled as "Background".
  • Go to menu: Layers > New Raster Layer. You will get the Layer Properties dialog box.
  • Click OK. A new layer will be created and labeled as "Layer1".
  • Select the Flood Fill tool from the Tool Palette, and select the blue color from the Color Palette.
  • Click somewhere in Layer1. Layer1 will become blue.
  • Go to menu: View > Toolbars. You will get the Toolbars dialog box.
  • Select the Layer Palette and close the dialog box.
  • In the Layer Palette, move the Opacity scale to 50% on Layer1. You will see that the blue layer becomes partial transparent and the background image is blended with the color layer.
  • Go to menu: Layers > Merge > Merge All. Layer1 will be merged to Background.
  • Go to menu: File > Save as.
  • Save the blended image as fyi_banner_blended.jpg. It will look like this:

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