How To Add Margins to an Image


How To Add Margins to an Image? - PSP Tutorials - Fading Images to Background Colors with PSP



In order to adding effects to an image, sometimes you need to add margins to the image first. You can follow the steps below to add black margins to an image:

  • Go to and download the classic painting "Port de mer au soleil couchant" by Claude Gellee. (c)[]1999 - photo Erich Lessing.
  • Save this image as port_1.jpg and open it in PSP. It has 580x440 pixels.
  • Create a new image with 780x640 pixels.
  • Select the entire image of port_1.jpg and press Ctrl-C to copy.
  • Go to the new image and press Ctrl-Shift-e to paste as a selection.
  • Press and hold left mouse button to move the selection to (100,100). Click right mouse button to finalize the paste.
  • Save the image as port_with_margins.jpg. It will look like this:

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