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Are CAO stateful in nature
Are CAO stateful in nature ? Yes. In CAO remoting model client creates a instance on server and instance variable set by client on server can be retrieved again with correct value.
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What does a socket consists of
What does a socket consists of? The combination of an IP address and a port number is called a socket.
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What is wrong with this initialization?
What's wrong with this initialization? char *p = malloc(10); My compiler is complaining about an ``invalid initializer'', or something. Is the declaration of a static or non-local variable? Function calls are allowed in initializers only for automatic variables (that is, for local, non-static variab...
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💬 2020-08-03 chelseaclark: Evidence for GPCR dimerization comes from biochemical, biophysical and functional studies. https://dda.creative-bioarray.com/re c...

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Native Method
What is a native method? A native method is a method that is implemented in a language other than Java.
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What Happens If You Lost a Data File
What Happens If You Lost a Data File? - Oracle DBA FAQ - Managing Oracle Tablespaces and Data Files After you shuting down an Oracle database, you accidently deleted a data file from the operating system. If you try to start the database again you will get error when Oracle tries to open the databas...
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What is the main difference between MSML and .NET Framework XML classes
What is the main difference between MSML and .NET Framework XML classes? MSXML supports XMLDOM and SAX parsers while .NET framework XML classes support XML DOM and XML readers and writers. MSXML supports asynchronous loading and validation while parsing. For instance you can send synchronous and asy...
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How can we identify that the Page is PostBack
How can we identify that the Page is PostBack ? Page object has a “IsPostBack” property which can be checked to know that is the page posted back.
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What is Post Cache substitution
What is Post Cache substitution? Post cache substitution is used when we want to cache the whole page but also need some dynamic region inside that cached page. Some examples like QuoteoftheDay, RandomPhotos, and AdRotator etc. are examples where we can implement Post Cache Substitution. Post-cache ...
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How To Estimate Disk Space Needed for an Export Job
How To Estimate Disk Space Needed for an Export Job? - Oracle DBA FAQ - Loading and Exporting Data If you just want to know how much disk space for the dump without actually exporting any data, you can use the ESTIMATE_ONLY=y parameter on the expdp command. The following tutorial exercise shows you ...
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How can we host a service on two different protocols on a single server
How can we host a service on two different protocols on a single server? Let’s first understand what this question actually means. Let’s say we have made a service and we want to host this service using HTTP as well as TCP. You must be wondering why to ever host services on two different types of pr...
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Types of parameters available in QTP
How many types of Parameters are available in QuickTest Professional (QTP)? QTP provides three types of Parameter- * Method Argument * Data Driven * Dynamic (The above answer is from your web page) But I got that there are 4 types of parameters used in QTP. There are 4 types of parameters available ...
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What is encapsulation technique
What is encapsulation technique? Hiding data within the class and making it available only through the methods. This technique is used to protect your class against accidental changes to fields, which might leave the class in an inconsistent state.
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Passing Control from One JSP Page to Another
How do you pass control from one JSP page to another? Use the following ways to pass control of a request from one servlet to another or one jsp to another. The RequestDispatcher object's forward method to pass the control. The response.sendRedirect method
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Placing a Table in the Center of a Page
How do I center a table? You place a table in the center of a page with the help of CSS as shown in this example: In your HTML, use &lt;div class="center"> &lt;table>...&lt;/tabl e>&lt;/div> In your CSS, use div.center { text-align: center; } div.center table { margin-left: auto; mar...
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What Happens to Your Transactions When ERROR 1205 Occurred
What Happens to Your Transactions When ERROR 1205 Occurred? - MySQL FAQs - Transaction Management: Commit or Rollback If your transaction receives the "Lock wait timeout exceeded" - ERROR 1205, MySQL server automatically terminates your transaction and rolls back your data changes of the entire tran...
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How In-Line Elements Are Mixed in Text Lines
How In-Line Elements Are Mixed in Text Lines? - CSS Tutorials - HTML Formatting Model: Block, Inline and Floating Elements If an in-line element is mixed in a text line, it will be placed immediately after the preceding character. The vertical position of the in-line element will be determined by it...
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How To Set Up Autotrace for a User Account
How To Set Up Autotrace for a User Account? - Oracle DBA FAQ - Introduction to Command-Line SQL*Plus Client Tool If an Oracle user wants to use the autotrace feature, you can use the tutorial as an example to create the required table PLAN_TABLE, the required security role PLUSTRACE, and grant the r...
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Simplest HTML Page
What is the simplest HTML page? &lt;HTML&gt; &lt;HEAD&gt; &lt;TITLE&gt;Simplest HTML Page!&lt;/TITLE&gt; &lt;/HEAD&gt; &lt;BODY&gt; Welcome to interview.fyicenter.com! &lt;/BODY&gt; &lt;/HTML&gt;
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What is Struts Validator Framework
What is Struts Validator Framework? Struts Framework provides the functionality to validate the form data. It can be use to validate the data on the users browser as well as on the server side. Struts Framework emits the Java Scripts and it can be used validate the form data on the client browser. S...
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Creating Links to Send Emails
How do I create a link that sends me email? Use a mailto link, for example: Send me email at: &lt;A HREF="mailto:me@fyicenter.com" >me@fyicenter.com&lt;/A>.
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Two Sets of Links with Different Colors
How can I have two sets of links with different colors? You can suggest this presentation in a style sheet. First, specify colors for normal links, like this: a:link {color: blue; background: white} a:visited {color: purple; background: white} a:active {color: red; background: white} Next, identify ...
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Define XPATH
Define XPATH? It is an XML query language to select specific parts of an XML document. Using XPATH you can address or filter elements and text in a XML document. For instance a simple XPATH expression like “Invoice/Amount” states find “Amount” node which are children of “Invoice” node.
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How To Declare a Local Variable
How To Declare a Local Variable? - Oracle DBA FAQ - Understanding PL/SQL Language Basics A local variable can be defined in the declaration part with a declaration statement, which is a variable name followed a data type identifier. Below are some examples of declaration statements: PROCEDURE proc_v...
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How do I align a table to the right (or left)?
Can I nest tables within tables? You can use &lt;TABLE ALIGN="right"> to float a table to the right. (Use ALIGN="left" to float it to the left.) Any content that follows the closing &lt;/TABLE> tag will flow around the table. Use &lt;BR CLEAR="right"> or &lt;BR CLEAR="all"> to mark t...
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