What is XMLTextReader


What is XMLTextReader?

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XPOINTER is used to locate data within XML document. XPOINTER can point to a particular portion of a XML document, for instance address.xml#xpointer(/descendant::streetnumber[@id=9])

The “XmlTextReader” class helps to provide fast access to streams of XML data in a forward-only and read-only manner. It also checks if the XML is well-formed. But XMLTextReader does not validate against a schema or DTD for that you will need “XmlNodeReader” or “XmlValidatingReader” class
Instance of “XmlTextReader” can be created in number of ways. For example if you want to load file from a disk you can use the below snippets.
XmlTextReader reader = new XmlTextReader(fileName);.
To loop through all the nodes you need to call the “read()” method of the “XmlTextreader” object. “read()” method returns “true” if there are records in the XML document or else it returns “false”.

//Open the stream
XmlTextReader reader = new XmlTextReader(file);
while (reader.Read())
// your logic goes here
string pdata = reader.Value
// Close the stream

To read the content of the current node on which the reader object is you use the “value” property. As shown in the above code “pdata” gets the value from the XML using “reader.value”.

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