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Explain all parts of a deployment diagram
Explain all parts of a deployment diagram? Package: It logically groups element of a UML model. Node: A physical system which represents a processing resource, example PC or a host machine. Component: It’s the actual implementation or physical module of a UML system. Node instance: It’s a runtime ph...
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What is Service Oriented architecture
What is Service Oriented architecture? “Services” are components which expose well defined interfaces and these interfaces communicate through XML messages. Using SOA you can build workflow, which uses interfaces of these components. SOA is typically useful when you are crossing heterogeneous techni...
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What Happens If One Row Has Missing Columns
What Happens If One Row Has Missing Columns? - XHTML 1.0 Tutorials - Understanding Tables and Table Cells What happens if one row has missing columns? Most browsers will provide empty columns to the end of the row to make up the missing columns. For example, if your XHTML document has a table with t...
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How To Retrieve the Count of Updated Rows
How To Retrieve the Count of Updated Rows? - Oracle DBA FAQ - Working with Database Objects in PL/SQL After running an UPDATE statement, the database server returns a count of updated rows. You can retrieve this count from a special predefined variable called SQL%ROWCOUT, as shown in the following t...
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What Is the Quickest Sorting Method?
What is the quickest sorting method to use? The answer depends on what you mean by quickest. For most sorting problems, it just doesn't matter how quick the sort is because it is done infrequently or other operations take significantly more time anyway. Even in cases in which sorting speed is of the...
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How Oracle Handles Dead Locks
How Oracle Handles Dead Locks? - Oracle DBA FAQ - Understanding SQL Transaction Management Oracle server automatically detects dead locks. When a dead lock is detected, Oracle server will select a victim transaction, and fail its statement that is blocked in the dead lock to break the dead lock. The...
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How To List All Values of Submitted Fields
How To List All Values of Submitted Fields? - PHP Script Tips - Processing Web Forms If you want list all values of submitted fields, you can write a simple loop to retrieve all entries in the $_REQUEST array. Below is an improved version of processing_forms.php to list all submited input values: &a...
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wait(), notify() and notifyAll() Methods
What is the purpose of the wait(), notify(), and notifyAll() methods? The wait(),notify(), and notifyAll() methods are used to provide an efficient way for threads to communicate each other.
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Conditional Statements
What will be printed as the result of the operation below: main() { int a=0; if (a==0) printf("Cisco Systems\n"); printf("Cisco Systems\n"); } Answer: Two lines with "Cisco Systems" will be printed.
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How Are Vertical Margins between Two Block Elements Collapsed
How Are Vertical Margins between Two Block Elements Collapsed? - CSS Tutorials - Understanding Multiple Element Formatting Rules The margins between two block elements will be collapsed into one margin. The taller margin stays. And the shorter margin disappears. The tutorial HTML and CSS document be...
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Strings vs. Character Arrays
What is the difference between strings and character arrays? A major difference is: string will have static storage duration, whereas as a character array will not, unless it is explicity specified by using the static keyword. Actually, a string is a character array with following properties: * the ...
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Using Pointers
What print out will the folloging code produce? main() { char *p1=“name”; char *p2; p2=(char*)malloc(20); memset (p2, 0, 20); while(*p2++ = *p1++); printf(“%s\n”,p2);> } The pointer p2 value is also increasing with p1 . *p2++ = *p1++ means copy value of *p1 to *p2 , then increment both addresses (p...
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Runable Interface and Thread
What is more advisable to create a thread, by implementing a Runnable interface or by extending Thread class? Strategically speaking, threads created by implementing Runnable interface are more advisable. If you create a thread by extending a thread class, you cannot extend any other class. If you c...
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How To Insert Multiple Rows with a SELECT Statement
How To Insert Multiple Rows with a SELECT Statement? - MySQL FAQs - Managing Tables and Running Queries with PHP Scripts If want to insert rows into a table based on data rows from other tables, you can use a sub-query inside the INSERT statement as shown in the following script example: &lt;?ph...
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Invoking run() Method of a Thread
What invokes a thread's run() method? After a thread is started, via its start() method of the Thread class, the JVM invokes the thread's run() method when the thread is initially executed.
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What is XSLT
What is XSLT? XSLT is a rule based language used to transform XML documents in to other file formats. XSLT are nothing but generic transformation rules which can be applied to transform XML document to HTML, CS, Rich text etc. You can see in the above figure how the XSLT processor takes the XML file...
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How To Test Transaction Isolation Levels
How To Test Transaction Isolation Levels? - MySQL FAQs - Transaction Management: Commit or Rollback If you want to test transaction isolation levels, you need to make sure that: The tables are created with transaction-safe storage engines, like InnoDB. Multiple-statement transactions are started wit...
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equals() - String Comparison
What would you use to compare two String variables - the operator == or the method equals()? You can use operator == and method equals() for different types of comparisons: Using operator == to compare two string variables to see if they point the same String object. Using equals() to compare two st...
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What Is Paint Shop Pro
What Is Paint Shop Pro? - PSP Tutorials - Fading Images to Background Colors with PSP Paint Shop Pro (PSP) is a bitmap graphics editor and vector graphics editor. PSP is a major competition to Adobe Photoshop. PSP was originally published by Minneapolis-based Jasc Software, in early 1992. In October...
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Variables in Double Quoted Strings
Would I use print "$a dollars" or "{$a} dollars" to print out the amount of dollars in this example? In this example, "$a dollars" or "{$a} dollars" will print the same result. But in other cases, you need to use curly braces to protect variable names. For example, for following PHP script will prin...
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What is the difference between delegate and events
What is the difference between delegate and events? ã Actually events use delegates in bottom. But they add an extra layer on the delegates, thus forming the publisher and subscriber model. ã As delegates are function to pointers they can move across any clients. So any of the clients can add or ...
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Pointer to Constants
What is the difference between const char* p and char const* p? In const char* p, the character pointed by "p" is constant, so you can not change the value of character pointed by p but u can make "p" refer to some other location. In char const* p, the pointer "p" is constant not the character refer...
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What is the difference between System exceptions and Application exceptions?
.NET INTERVIEW QUESTIONS - What is the difference between System exceptions and Application exceptions? All exception derives from Exception Base class. Exceptions can be generated programmatically or can be generated by system. Application Exception serves as the base class for all applicationspeci...
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Infinite Loops
How can you write a loop indefinitely? Two examples are listed in the following code: for(;;) { ... } while(true) { ... }
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