In Which Does File FireFox Store Persistent Cookies


In Which Does File FireFox Store Persistent Cookies? - PHP Script Tips - Understanding and Managing Cookies



If you change FireFox to keep cookies "until they expire", FireFox will store persistent cookies from all Web servers in a single file at: \Documents and Settings\$user\Application Data\Mozilla \Firefox\Profiles\xby7vgys.default\cookie.txt.

Open your FireFox browser to visit this page: http://localhost/setting_persistent_cookies.php. Then open FireFox cookie file. You will see:

# HTTP Cookie File
# This is a generated file!  Do not edit.
# To delete cookies, use the Cookie Manager.

localhost   FALSE   /   FALSE   1149219379   CouponValue    100.00
localhost   FALSE   /   FALSE   1149219379   CouponNumber   07470433

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