Can you explain different software development life cycles - part I


Can you explain different software development life cycles ?

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Note:- This questions is asked to test that as a project manager do you have a know how of all the project life cycles.In PMP (Project management plan) you have to specify saying which software development model you will follow. Definitely depending on client and project scenarios it’s the project manager’s responsibility to choose a development cycle.

SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) is overall process of developing information systems through multi stage process systems from investigation of initial requirements through analysis, design, implementation and maintenance. The days are gone when one COBOL programmer used to analyze, test and implement software systems. Systems have become complex, huge team members are involved, architects, analyst, programmers, testers, users etc. To manage this number of SDLC models have been created.

Following are popular models which are listed:

Waterfall Model.
Spiral Model.
Build and Fix model.
Rapid prototyping Model.
Incremental Model.
This section we will go into depth of different SDLC models.

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