What is aspect oriented programming


What is aspect oriented programming?

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Aspect-oriented software development is a new technology for separation of concerns (SOC) in software development. The techniques of AOSD make it possible to modularize crosscutting aspects of a system.
Ok that statement can save you for the first stage let us get down actually what is it. Let’s revisit back how software development cycle evolved.
When we look back at times of COBOL where we used to break the modules in small functionalities and use reusability to its maximum.
Then came the time when we talked in terms of Objects where things were clearer as software was modeled in terms of real life examples. It worked fine and till today is the most accepted way of implementing and organizing project. So why AOP ?
? Aspect oriented programming does not oppose OOP’s but rather supports it and make’s it more maintainable. So remove the logic from head the AOP is replacement of OOP. No its brother of OOP helping him to be better.
When we talk in terms of objects it is an entity which maps to real world domain. Object has attributes which represent the state of object and also define its behavior. By rule of object oriented programming object should be stand alone and communicate with other objects using messages or defined interface.
One object should not communicate with other object directly rather communicate through defined interfaces. Every object satisfies some “Concern” in relation to the system

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