Regarding C Coding


Regarding C Coding
Line in file Contents
30 int * someIDs, theFirst, *r;
110 someIDs =GetSomeIDs(); /* defined below */
111 theFirst = someIDs [0];
112 r= ReorderIDs(someIDs);
113-150 /* we want to use ‘theFirst’ and ‘r’ here*/

499 /*-------- GetSomeIDs-----*/
500 int * GetSomeIDs()
501 {
502 int ids[8];
503-550 /* The ids are defined here */
551 return ids;
552 }

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Answer Questions below
Correct the problems with GetSomeIDs(), and add some additional functionality to it, as follows. A single new version of the function should be provided.

The new version should:
a) Maintain the same "int *" return type which returns a pointer to fixed sized array of ints.

b) IN ADDITION to its regular function return, provide to its calling functions a usable array of pointers to aliasID structures. The length of this array of pointers is returned by a call to GetNumberOfAliases(), which you may call only from within GetSomeIDs().

c) Use the structure and the functions defined below:
typedef struct {
char* alias; /* '\0'-terminated C string */
int specific_id;
} aliasID;

/* How many structures should be pointed to by the array */
int GetNumberOfAliases(void);
/* Get a pointer to the next structure. The structure itself * will be filled with data.
* Caller is responsible for the cleanup of the returned structure
* and its content. The latter are allocated in
* dynamic memory.
aliasID * GetNextAlias(void);

Do NOT(!) use "C++" syntax or language contructs. This should be written in plain “C”.
Use good programming practice, as much as these instructions allow.

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