What is Windows DNA architecture


What is Windows DNA architecture?

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Note :- If you have worked with classic ASP this question can come to you.
The Windows Distributed interNet Applications Architecture (DNA) is a Microsoft blueprint for robust, scalable, distributed business software. Windows DNA has evolved over time and was not preplanned. It gives all combined advantages of Centralized mainframe, application servers, internet technologies and Personal computers. Windows DNA is an evolution which started from mainframes (where all logic was centralized), Fox pro ages ( where we talked in terms of two tier systems), VB6 / SQL SERVER (three tier where we talked in terms of having one more tier which was mainly COM where business logic resided), COM+ ( looking in terms of transactions and fulfilling ACID rules) and finally the DNA.

Above shown is a Windows DNA model which is a blue print which Microsoft has proposed. So if interviewer is asking you have you worked with Windows DNA, then answer is yes. You will see that you always use these sections in project. Do not get confused with the terminology DNA.

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