What is Rational Suite?


I found your website in a Google search, after having visited another link in that search, IBM, which had an entire website devoted to Rational Suite. Essentially, all I wanted to know was who the vendor/developer of this software was and what the software did and hopefully get some detailed descriptions. But alas! I was awestruck by the bombastic gibble-gabble rhetoric on page after page of the IBM website! Their claim was that this software suite would streamline next to all aspects of one's business and blah, blah, blah! That was the worst case of claptrap I've heard in a long time. And any tangible description of their software never materialized! So I only got part of my curiosity satisfied, being led to assume that IBM was the vendor, but had no idea whatsoever what the software did! Now, as for your part, your web page http://sqa.fyicenter.com/FAQ/Rational/What_is_Rational_Suite_.html had an awful lot of detailed info, but you COULD start off by answering the first question any logical person would ask, and that is WHO is the vendor/developer. It would seem to me to always be the first thing anyone would want to know. You might reply to this inquiry by e-mailing me at sscohn@comcast.net. Thanks. Scott Cohn Newton, Ma.

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