How To Create a Table Interactively


How To Create a Table Interactively? - Oracle DBA FAQ - Introduction to Oracle SQL Developer



If you don't want to use SQL statements to create a new table, you use SQL Developer to create one interactively. Follow the steps below to create a new table called: TIP

  • Right-click on the Tables in the object tree area.
  • Select Create TABLE. Create Table window shows up.
  • Enter Name as: TIP
  • Enter Column Name as: ID, for column 1.
  • Select Type as: INTEGER, for column 1.
  • Click Primary as: Checked, for column 1.
  • Click Add Column to add column 2.
  • Enter Column Name as: SUBJECT, for column 2.
  • Select Type as: VARCHAR2, for column 2.
  • Select Size as: 80, for column 2.
  • Click OK.

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