How To Enter a New Row into a Table Interactively


How To Enter a New Row into a Table Interactively? - Oracle DBA FAQ - Introduction to Oracle SQL Developer



If you don't like to use the INSERT statement to enter a new row into a table, you can use the object view to enter it interactively. Follow the steps below to enter new row into table TIP:

  • Double-click on the table name TIP.
  • Click the Data tab in the object view.
  • Click the Insert Row icon, the + sign.
  • Enter ID as: 101.
  • Enter SUBJECT as: Backup #1.
  • Click the Commit Changes icon.

You know the new row is serted, because the log area shows you:

INSERT INTO "HR"."TIPS" (ID, SUBJECT) VALUES ('101', 'Backup #1')
Commit Successful

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