How To Create an Array in PL/SQL


How To Create an Array in PL/SQL? - Oracle DBA FAQ - Introduction to PL/SQL



If you want create an array data structure, you can use the collection type VARRAY. VARRAY stands for Variable Array. Here is a sample script on how to use VARRAY:

SQL> set serveroutput on;

  2    TYPE list IS VARRAY(3) OF VARCHAR(16);
  3    domain_list list;
  4  BEGIN
  5    domain_list := list('google','fyicenter','myspace');
  6    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Second domain: '
  7       || domain_list(2));
  8  END;
  9  /
Second domain: fyicenter

As you can see, to define an array variable, you need to create your own array type, and use that type to define array variables.

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