Convert an integer or a float to a string


Does there exist any other function which can be used to convert an integer or a float to a string?

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Some implementations provide a nonstandard function called itoa(), which converts an integer to string.

char *itoa(int value, char *string, int radix);

DESCRIPTION - The itoa() function constructs a string representation of an integer.


value: Is the integer to be converted to string representation.

string: Points to the buffer that is to hold resulting string. The resulting string may be as long as seventeen bytes.

radix: Is the base of the number; must be in the range 2 - 36.

Another portable solution exists. One can use sprintf():

char s[SOME_CONST];
int i = 10;
float f = 10.20;
sprintf ( s, "%d %f\n", i, f );

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