What Are the Input Values of SELECT Tags


What Are the Input Values of SELECT Tags? - PHP Script Tips - Processing Web Forms

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SELECT tags are used in forms to provide dropdown lists. Entris in a dropdown list are defined by OPTION tags, which can provide input values in two ways:

  • Implicit value - Provided as <OPTION>input_value</OPTION>, where input_value will be used as both the dropdown entry and the input value if this entry is selected.
  • Explicit value - Provided as <OPTION VALUE=input_value>display_value</OPTION>, where display_value will be used as the download entry, and input_value will be used as the input value if this entry is selected.

The sample PHP script page below is a modified version of submit_comments.php that has one SELECT tag named as "job" using implicit input values and another SELECT tag named s "site" using explicit input values:

  print("<html><form action=processing_forms.php method=post>");
  print("<table><tr><td colspan=2>Please enter and submit your"
    ." comments about FYICenter.com:</td></tr>");
  print("<tr><td>Your Name:</td>"
    ."<td><input type=text name=name></td></tr>\n");
  print("<tr><td>Your Job Title:</td>"
    ."<td><select name=job>"
    ."<option>QA Engineer</option>"
  print("<tr><td>Rate This Site:</td>"
    ."<td><select name=rate>"
    ."<option value=3>Good</option>"
    ."<option value=2>Average</option>"
    ."<option value=1>Poor</option>"
    ."<td><input type=text name=comment></td></tr>\n");
  print("<tr><td colspan=2><input type=submit><td></tr></table>\n");

If you submit the form with this page, you will get something like this:

Number of values: 4
  name = Joe
  job = Developer
  rate = 3
  comment = I like it.

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