How To Retrieve the Submitted Form Data


How To Retrieve the Submitted Form Data? - PHP Script Tips - Processing Web Forms



The best way to retrieve the form data submitted by your visitor is to use the $_REQUEST array. The keys in this array will be the field names defined in form. The values in this array will be the values entered by your visitor in the input fields. The PHP script below, processing_forms.php, shows you how to retrieve form data submitted with the PHP page presented in the previous tutorial exercise:

  $name = $_REQUEST['name'];
  $comment = $_REQUEST['comment'];
  print("You have submitted the following information:\n");
  print("  Name = $name\n");
  print("  Comments = $comment\n");
  print("Thank you!\n");

If you copy both scripts, submit_comments.php and processing_forms.php, to your Web server, and submit some data like: "Bill Bush" and "Nice site.", you will get something like:

You have submitted the following information:
  Name = Bill Bush
  Comments = Nice site.
Thank you!

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