Can you explain steps in function points


Can you explain steps in function points?

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Below are the steps in function points:

>First Count ILF, EIF, EI, EQ, RET, DET, FTR and use the rating tables. After you have counted all the elements you will get the unadjusted function points.
Put rating values 0 to 5 to all 14 GSC. Adding total of all 14 GSC to come out with total VAF. Formula for VAF = 0.65 + (sum of all GSC factor/100).
Finally, make the calculation of adjusted function point. Formula: Total function point = VAF * Unadjusted function point.
Make estimation how many function points you will do per day. This is also called as "Performance factor".
On basis of performance factor, you can calculate Man/Days.

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