Using Tables to Structure Forms


How can I use tables to structure forms

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Small forms are sometimes placed within a TD element within a table. This can be a useful for positioning a form relative to other content, but it doesn't help position the form-related elements relative to each other.

To position form-related elements relative to each other, the entire table must be within the form. You cannot start a form in one TH or TD element and end in another. You cannot place the form within the table without placing it inside a TH or TD element. You can put the table inside the form, and then use the table to position the INPUT, TEXTAREA, SELECT, and other form-related elements, as shown in the following example.

         <TD><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="account"></TD>
         <TD><INPUT TYPE="password" NAME="password"></TD>
         <TD> </TD>
         <TD><INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="Log On"></TD>

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