What Is a TR Tag/Element


What Is a TR Tag/Element? - XHTML 1.0 Tutorials - Understanding Tables and Table Cells

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A "tr" element is a special element that can only be used as a sub-element of a "table" element. A "tr" element defines a row in a table. Here are basic rules about "tr" elements:

  • "tr" elements are special elements only valid inside "table" elements.
  • "tr" elements can not have empty contents.
  • "tr" elements can not have text contents.
  • A "tr" element can only have "td" or "th" as sub-elements.
  • A "tr" element will be displayed as a new row in the table.

Some invalid example of "tr" elements:

 <!-- Invalid - "tr" is not a block element -->

 <!-- Invalid - "tr" is not an inline element -->
 <!-- Invalid - "tr" does not allow text content -->
 <table><tr>Row 1:<td>one</td><td>two</td></tr></table>

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