How Many Versions of RSS Language Standards


How Many Versions of RSS Language Standards? - RSS FAQs - Introduction to RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Basics



RSS is relatively new. Many versions have been developed in recent years:

  • RSS 0.90 - The earliest known version of RSS released to the public by Netscape in 1999. RSS 0.90 is based on RDF (Resource Description Framework). When RSS 0.90 was created, the RSS initialization stood for Rich Site Summary and not Really Simple Syndication.
  • RSS 0.91 - Developed by UserLand in 2000.
  • RSS 1.0 - Published as a proposal by a group led by Rael Dornfest at O'Reilly in 2000.
  • RSS 2.0 - Released through Harvard under a Creative Commons license in 2003.

For more information on RSS 2.0, please visit

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