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Referencing "this" variable in JSP Pages
Is there a way to reference the "this" variable within a JSP page? Yes, there is. Under JSP 1.0, the page implicit object is equivalent to "this", and returns a reference to the servlet generated by the JSP page.
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Creating TCP Socket
What information is needed to create a TCP Socket? The Local Systems IP Address and Port Number. And the Remote System's IP Address and Port Number.
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Serialized JavaBean
Can a JSP page instantiate a serialized bean? No problem! The useBean action specifies the beanName attribute, which can be used for indicating a serialized bean. A couple of important points to note. Although you would have to name your serialized file like "filename.ser", you only indicate "filena...
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Overriding JSP Methods
What JSP lifecycle methods can I override? You cannot override the _jspService() method within a JSP page. You can however, override the jspInit() and jspDestroy() methods within a JSP page. jspInit() can be useful for allocating resources like database connections, network connections, and so forth...
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Stoping Errors Displayed on JSP Pages
How do you restrict page errors display in the JSP page? You first set "Errorpage" attribute of PAGE directory to the name of the error page (ie Errorpage="error.jsp") in your jsp page. Then in the error jsp page set "isErrorpage=TRUE". When an error occur in your jsp page it will automatically call...
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Handling Run-Time Exceptions
How does JSP handle run-time exceptions? You can use the errorPage attribute of the page directive to have uncaught runtime exceptions automatically forwarded to an error processing page. For example: redirects the browser to the JSP page error.jsp if an uncaught exception is encountered during requ...
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publish-and-subscribe and point-to-point
How many messaging models do JMS provide for and what are they? JMS provide for two messaging models, publish-and-subscribe and point-to-point queuing.
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Browser Redirect in JSP Pages
How do I perform browser redirection from a JSP page? You can use the response implicit object to redirect the browser to a different resource, as: response.sendRedirect("http:// interview.fyicenter.com/");
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Declaring Methods within JSP Pages
How can I declare methods within my JSP page? You can declare methods for use within your JSP page as declarations. The methods can then be invoked within any other methods you declare, or within JSP scriptlets and expressions. Do note that you do not have direct access to any of the JSP implicit ob...
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Including Static Files
How do I include static files within a JSP page? Static resources should always be included using the JSP include directive. This way, the inclusion is performed just once during the translation phase. Do note that you should always supply a relative URL for the file attribute. Although you can also...
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JSP Scripting Elements
How many JSP scripting elements and what are they? There are three scripting language elements: declarations scriptlets expressions
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JComponent and Component
Why does JComponent have add() and remove() methods but Component does not? Because JComponent is a subclass of Container, and can contain other components and jcomponents.
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Sharing an HttpSession between JSP and EJB
Is it possible to share an HttpSession between a JSP and EJB? What happens when I change a value in the HttpSession from inside an EJB? You can pass the HttpSession as parameter to an EJB method, only if all objects in session are serializable. This has to be consider as "passed-by-value", that mean...
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How to Retrieve SQLWarning
How to Retrieve SQLWarning? SQLWarning objects are a subclass of SQLException that deal with database access warnings. Warnings do not stop the execution of an application, as exceptions do. They simply alert the user that something did not happen as planned. A warning can be reported on a Connectio...
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Is JSP Technology Extensible
Is JSP technology extensible? YES. JSP technology is extensible through the development of custom actions, or tags, which are encapsulated in tag libraries.
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Processing HTML Form Date
Can a JSP page process HTML FORM data? Yes. However, unlike servlets, you are not required to implement HTTP-protocol specific methods like doGet() or doPost() within your JSP page. You can obtain the data for the FORM input elements via the request implicit object within a scriptlet or expression a...
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Using JSP Pages to Create Web-based Applications
Why are JSP pages the preferred API for creating a web-based client program? Because no plug-ins or security policy files are needed on the client systems(applet does). Also, JSP pages enable cleaner and more module application design because they provide a way to separate applications programming f...
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What Is JSP Page
What is JSP page? A JSP page is a text-based document that contains two types of text: static template data, which can be expressed in any text-based format such as HTML, SVG, WML, and XML, and JSP elements, which construct dynamic content.
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Stored Procedures in Database
What are stored procedures? How is it useful? A stored procedure is a set of statements/commands which reside in the database. The stored procedure is pre-compiled and saves the database the effort of parsing and compiling sql statements everytime a query is run. Each database has its own stored pro...
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What Is Class.forName
What Class.forName will do while loading drivers? It is used to create an instance of a driver and register it with the DriverManager. When you have loaded a driver, it is available for making a connection with a DBMS.
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Implicit Objects in JSP Pages
What are the implicit objects in JSP pages? Implicit objects are objects that are created by the web container and contain information related to a particular request, page, or application. They are: request response pageContext session application out config page exception
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How many JSP scripting elements and what are they?
How many JSP scripting elements and what are they? There are three scripting language elements: --declarations --scriptlets --expressions
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💬 2016-06-25 saidesh: Jsp scripting elements are three types: Declaration, Expression, Scriptlet.

Is JSP technology extensible?
Is JSP technology extensible? YES. JSP technology is extensible through the development of custom actions, or tags, which are encapsulated in tag libraries.
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What is the difference between RequestDispatcher and sendRedirect?
What is the difference between RequestDispatcher and sendRedirect? RequestDispatcher: server-side redirect with request and response objects. sendRedirect : Client-side redirect with new request and response objects.
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