How To Connect to MySQL Severs with User Accounts


How To Connect to MySQL Severs with User Accounts? - MySQL FAQs - PHP Connections and Query Execution



If you want to connect a MySQL server with user account name and password, you need to call mysql_connect() with more parameters like this:

  $con = mysql_connect($server, $username, $password);

If your MySQL server is provided by your Internet service company, you need to ask them what is the server hostname, port number, user account name and password. The following tutorial exercise shows you how to connect to a MySQL server, on host "localhost", at port "8888", with user account "dev", and with password "iyf":

  $con = mysql_connect('localhost:8888', 'dev', 'iyf');
  if (!$con) {
    print("There is a problem with MySQL connection.\n");
  } else {
    print("The MySQL connection object is ready.\n");

If all parameters are correct, you should get a good connection object as shown in the following output:

The MySQL connection object is ready.

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