Main differences between ASP and ASP.NET.


Main differences between ASP and ASP.NET.

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Answer 1:
1. ASP: Code is Interpreted
ASP.NET: Code is Compiled

2. ASP: Business Logic and Presentation Logic are in a single file
ASP.NET: Business Logic and Presentation Logic are in separate files (.cs or .vb) and (.aspx) respectively.
3. ASP: No Web Server Controls
ASP.NET: Web Server Controls supported by strong .NET Framework
4. ASP: No RAD in Classic ASP
ASP.NET: Supports RAD

Answer 2:
1.Asp is interpreted is compiled which is faster than asp.
2 maintains its own CLR and is managed as it runs by CLR
Where as asp is unmanaged
3 We can mainatin sessions in state server and sql server which is Outproc,
where in asp sessions will be last if we restart webserver or make changes.
4 In we can configure each application using web.config file which is availble in application itself and we have machine.config wherer we can configure all applications.
In asp we cannot configure single aplication
5 we have autopostback event which is not in asp
6 In we have global.asax where can hadle some global things which is not in asp.
7 We have well built GUI to work in
8 We have and as well as disconnected architecture in
9 We have Xcopy deployment in
10. We can work with any language as code behind technique in that supports .net frame work

Answer 3:
a) is compiled but ASP is a interpretor or script only.
b) is supported more control then the asp.
c) is more supported even control then the asp.
d) In if update any component then no need to shutdown the computer but in asp if loaded any component then need tobe shutdown the computer.
d) So lastly an is faster then asp .

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