Why is the culture set to the current thread


Why is the culture set to the current thread?

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First let me explain this question. If you look at the code snippet of how to set the culture info.
Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = new CultureInfo(strCulture);
It uses the current thread to set it. What does that mean? Let’s drill down a bit of how IIS handles request to understand this concept. When any user requests a resource from IIS like an ASPX page or any other resource. IIS services that request in his own thread. That means if 100 users have requested some resource from IIS he will serve every request in its own thread. In short IIS will spawn 100 threads to service the 100 request. It’s very much practically possible that you can have different locale in different threads. So when we set a culture we can not set it for the whole application as it will affect all the requests.
So when we set a culture we set it to a particular thread rather to the whole application.

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