Can you explain in brief how the ASP.NET authentication process works


Can you explain in brief how the ASP.NET authentication process works?

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ASP.NET does not run by itself, it runs inside the process of IIS. So there are two authentication layers which exist in ASP.NET system. First authentication happens at the IIS level and then at the ASP.NET level depending on the WEB.CONFIG file.

Below is how the whole process works:-
¡Ì IIS first checks to make sure the incoming request comes from an IP address that is allowed access to the domain. If not it denies the request.
¡Ì Next IIS performs its own user authentication if it is configured to do so. By default IIS allows anonymous access, so requests are automatically authenticated, but you can change this default on a per ¨C application basis with in IIS.
¡Ì If the request is passed to with an authenticated user, checks to see whether impersonation is enabled. If impersonation is enabled, acts as though it were the authenticated user. If not acts with its own configured account.
¡Ì Finally the identity from step 3 is used to request resources from the operating system. If authentication can obtain all the necessary resources it grants the users request otherwise it is denied. Resources can include much more than just the page itself you can also use .Net¡¯s code accesssecurity features to extend this authorization step to disk files, Registry keys and other resources.

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