What Is an XHTML Element


What Is an XHTML Element? - XHTML Tutorials - Introduction To Tag and Attribute Syntax

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An XHTML element is the basic building block of an XHTML document. An XHTML element has the following features:

  • An XHTML element must have a name.
  • An XHTML element may have zero or more attributes.
  • An XHTML element may or may not have any content.

Here is a good example of an XHTML element:

  <a href="http://dev.fyicenter.com/">FYIcenter.com</a>

The above an XHTML element has:

  • A name called "a", which is coded at the beginning of the opening tag.
  • An attribute called "href", which is coded inside the opening tag. It also has a value specified after the "=" sign.
  • A string of text as the content, which is coded between the opening tag and closing tag.

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