What Is the TITLE Tag/Element


What Is the TITLE Tag/Element? - XHTML 1.0 Tutorials - Document Structure and Head Level Tags

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The title element is the 4th element you need to learn. The title element is used to provide a text title to the XHTML document. Here are some rules about the head tag/element:

  • The title element is a required child element of the head element.
  • You must place a single title element in the head element.
  • The title element must be coded with the title opening tag, <title>, and the title closing tag, </title>.
  • The title element must have PCDATA content, which is parsed text string only. No sub-elements are allowed.
  • The content of the title element will be displayed in the title area on the browser window.
  • The content of the title element is used by most search engines to match the search string.

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