What Are Storage Engines


What Are Storage Engines? - MySQL FAQs - Storage Engines: MyISAM, InnoDB and BDB

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Storage engines are programs that are integrated into MySQL database management system to manage data tables. MySQL 5.0 supports the following major storage engines:

  • MyISAM Storage Engine - MySQL default storage engine. Based on ISAM database concept. MyISAM is not transaction safe.
  • InnoDB Storage Engine - A transaction safe storage engine developed by Innobase Oy (an Oracle company).
  • BDB (BerkeleyDB) Storage Engine - A transaction safe storage engine originally developed at U.C. Berkeley. Sleepycat Software, Inc. was created in 1996 to continue BDB development. Sleepycat is an Oracle company now.
  • CSV Storage Engine - A simple storage engine storing data as text files using comma-separated values format.
  • MEMORY (HEAP) Storage Engine Storage Engine - A storage engine storing data in computer main memory.

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