How To Run Queries on External Tables


How To Run Queries on External Tables? - Oracle DBA FAQ - Loading and Exporting Data



If you have an external table defined as a text file with the ORACLE_LOADER driver, you can add data to the text file, and query the text file through the external table. By default, data fields in the text file should be terminated by ','. The tutorial exercise below shows you how add data to the external table defined in the previous exercise:

>edit /oraclexe/test/ext_fyi_links.txt
1101,dba.fyicenter,Link #1,88,07-MAY-06
1110,dev.fyicenter,Link #2,88,07-MAY-06

>sqlplus /nolog

SQL> connect HR/fyicenter

SQL> SELECT * FROM ext_fyi_links;
       ID URL              NOTES         COUNTS CREATED
--------- ---------------- ----------- -------- ---------
     1101 dba.fyicenter    Link #1           88 07-MAY-06
     1110 dev.fyicenter    Link #2           88 07-MAY-06

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