How To Set Up Breakpoints in Debug Mode


How To Set Up Breakpoints in Debug Mode? - Oracle DBA FAQ - Introduction to Oracle SQL Developer



To debug a stored procedure, you need to set breakpoints at different statements in the code block, so that execution will be stopped at the statement marked with a breakpoint. When execution is stopped, you can then investigate different variables to see their current values. The tutorial below shows you how to set up breakpoints:

  • Right-click the procedure name: HELLO.
  • Select Open. The source code of the stored procedure shows up in the code area.
  • Set your mouse cursor to the "PUT_LINE('Hello world!');" statement.
  • Click Debug menu.
  • Select Toggle Breakpoint. You should see a red dot shows up in left margin of the statement where the mouse cursor is. This red dot represents a breakpoint.
  • Set another breakpoint at the "PUT_LINE('Welcome to PL/SQL!');" statement.
  • Click the debug icon above the code area. The debug icon look like a bug. The Debug PL/SQL dialog shows up.
  • Click OK. The debug session starts and stopped at the first breakpoint. You should see an array in left margin indicating where the execution is stopped.
  • Press F8 (Step Over). The execution continues for one statement.
  • Press F9 (Resume). The execution continues to the end of the procedure.

You should see the following in the Debugging Log area:

Connecting to the database Local_XE.
Debugger accepted connection from database on port 3685.
Processing 59 classes that have already been prepared...
Finished processing prepared classes.
Source breakpoint occurred at line 3 of HELLO.pls.
Source breakpoint occurred at line 4 of HELLO.pls.
Hello world!
Welcome to PL/SQL!
Process exited.
Disconnecting from the database Local_XE.
Debugger disconnected from database.

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