How Values Are Returned from Functions


How Values Are Returned from Functions? - PHP Script Tips - Creating Your Own Functions



If a value is returned from a function, it is returned by value, not by reference. That means that a copy of the value is return. Here is a PHP script on how values are returned from a function:

$favor = "vbulletin";
function getFavor() {
  global $favor;
  return $favor;
$myFavor = getFavor();
print("Favorite tool: $myFavor\n");
$favor = "phpbb";
print("Favorite tool: $myFavor\n");

This script will print:

Favorite tool: vbulletin
Favorite tool: vbulletin

As you can see, changing the value in $favor does not affect $myFavor. This proves that the function returns a new copy of $favor.

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