Difference between ASP and ASP.NET


Difference between ASP and ASP.NET?

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ASP.NET new feature supports are as follows :-
Better Language Support
? New ADO.NET Concepts have been implemented.
? ASP.NET supports full language (C#, VB.NET, C++) and not simple scripting like VBSCRIPT..
Better controls than ASP
? ASP.NET covers large set’s of HTML controls..
? Better Display grid like Datagrid, Repeater and datalist.Many of the display grids have paging support. Controls have events support
? All ASP.NET controls support events.
? Load, Click and Change events handled by code makes coding much simpler and much better organized.

Compiled Code
The first request for an ASP.NET page on the server will compile the ASP.NET code and keep a cached copy in memory. The result of this is greatly increased performance.
Better Authentication Support
ASP.NET supports forms-based user authentication, including cookie management and automatic redirecting of unauthorized logins. (You can still do your custom login page and custom user checking).
User Accounts and Roles
ASP.NET allows for user accounts and roles, to give each user (with a given role) access to different server code and executables.
High Scalability
? Much has been done with ASP.NET to provide greater scalability.
? Server to server communication has been greatly enhanced, making it possible to scale an application over several servers. One example of this is the ability to run XML parsers, XSL transformations and even resource hungry session objects on other servers. Easy Configuration
? Configuration of ASP.NET is done with plain text files.
? Configuration files can be uploaded or changed while the application is running. No need to restart the server. No more metabase or registry puzzle.
Easy Deployment
No more server restart to deploy or replace compiled code. ASP.NET simply redirects all new requests to the new code.

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