In CAO model for client objects to be created by NEW keyword


In CAO model for client objects to be created by NEW keyword what should we do?

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Remoting Clients and Remoting Server can communicate because they share a common contract by implementing Shared Interface or Base Class (As seen in previous examples). But according to OOPs concept we can not create a object of interface or Base Classes (Abstract Class). Shipping the server object to client is not a good design practice. In CAO model we can use SOAPSUDS utility to generate Metadata DLL from server which can be shipped to client, clients can then use this DLL for creating object on server. Run the SOAPSUDS utility from visual studio command prompt for syntax see below :-

soapsuds -ia:RemotingServer -nowp -oa:ClientMetaData.dll
Where RemotingServer is your server class name.
ClientMetaData.dll is the DLL name by which you will want to create the metadll.

Server code will change as follows :-
RemotingConfiguration.ApplicationName = RemoteObject

Note :- We have to provide applicationname and register the object as ActivatedServiceType.
On client side we have to reference the generated ClientMetaData.dll from SOAPSUDS utility. Below are changes which are needed to be incorporated at the Remoting Client :-

RemotingConfiguration.RegisterActivatedClientType(typeof(RemoteObject),http:// localhost:1234/MyServer)
Dim objRemoteObject as new RemoteObject().

RemoteObject is class which is obtained from ClientMetaData.dll which we created using SOAPSUDS utility. Now you can reference the object as normal object.

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