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Multi-dimension Arrays
Write down the equivalent pointer expression for referring the same element a[i][j][k][l]? a[i] == *(a+i) a[i][j] == *(*(a+i)+j) a[i][j][k] == *(*(*(a+i)+j)+k) a[i][j][k][l] == *(*(*(*(a+i)+j)+k)+l)
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Calling Base Class Methods
How can method defined in multiple base classes with same name be invoked from derived class simultaneously? class x { public: m1(); }; class y { public: m1(); }; class z: public x, public y { public: m1() { x::m1(); y::m1(); } };
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Shift Operations
What will the following piece of code do? int f(unsigned int x) { int i; for (i=0; x!=0; x&gt;&gt;1) { if (x &amp; 0x1) i++; } return i; } Answer: returns the number of ones in the input parameter X.
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Determining If Symbols Are Defined or Not
How can you check to see whether a symbol is defined? You can use the #ifdef and #ifndef preprocessor directives to check whether a symbol has been defined (#ifdef) or whether it has not been defined (#ifndef). Can you define which header file to include at compile time? Yes. This can be done by usi...
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Variable Types
What are the types of variables x, y, y and u defined in the following code? #define Atype int* typedef int *p; p x, z; Atype y, u; Answer: x and z are pointers to int. y is a pointer to int but u is just an integer variable
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Swapping Variables
Can you write a program to interchange 2 variables without using the third one? a = 7; b = 2; a = a + b; b = a - b; a = a - b;
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Opening Files to Share with Other Programs
How can I open a file so that other programs can update it at the same time? Your C compiler library contains a low-level file function called sopen() that can be used to open a file in shared mode. Beginning with DOS 3.0, files could be opened in shared mode by loading a special program named SHARE...
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How can i trap the arrow keys inside the timer program?
How can i trap the arrow keys inside the timer program? How do you trap arrow keys in a regular program? What makes a timer program special?
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